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Re: IRC zombie controllers

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 01:05:43AM -0500, Arrakis Tor wrote:
> Unless you like IRC, or see closing the ports as pointless, or would
> be willing to change your ISP, or the ISP will let abusive Tor servers
> operate, you should change your setting to restrict such access by
> default.

Please correct me if I'm wrong:
My understanding is that there is also some policy to make tor as
userfriendly as possible. We like a lot of users, because the greater
the number, the safer and better the tor network.

In other words: All Lusers Must Like Tor.

Then I say 'block IRC by default', because ISP's will shut them down
one day. They will (by definition) not go into setting ExitPolicy
settings right themselves.

On this list already two have mentioned to have been disconnected
because of irc via tor.