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Re: Connections to botnet masters

On 8/28/07, M <maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The problem is that my ISP called me that some botnet had been
controlled from my ip. Cert.fi had contacted my ISP when they we're
investigating some DDOS or something like that. I think that they
thought that my server is cracked.

I had the same problem last week with my ISP. Also, botnet issues. I am blocking IRC for now in my exitpolicy, to see if this solves the problem

I changed my exit nodes policy, now I only allow traffic to http(s),
imap(s) and pop(s) =(.

If blocking IRC using Bill's example doesnt solve the issue, I'm tempted to go that way as well. Offcourse, I would rather have an exit policy that is as wide as possible, but I would also prefer not to be kicked off the internet by my ISP :)


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