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Re: Which proxy to use?

coderman ha scritto:
> On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Mr. Blue<trashdsfg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My requirements are:
>> 1) It must have privoxy's functionality: hide-tor-exit-notation header filter to remove the Tor exit node notation in Host and Referer headers.
> exit notation as used this way is a deprecated feature. it will be
> removed at some point. you really want the controller to direct an
> exit for you, if you need it, rather than some mangled domain names
> implying the choice.
>> 2) Must be capable to run as a reverse proxy.
>> ...
> what are you trying to do, exactly?
> best regards,
I think he's trying to hide the fact is using tor to access sites might
have blacklisted tor exit nodes or simply just hide he's using tor .


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