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Re: [tor-talk] Using Raspberry Pi as Tor relay is bad idea??

I've not found any page about this kind of hardware on torproject.org ?

May be it can be useful to have a page for people interested, bandwidth
available, CPU, ram...
Playing those days with Freedombox, here is a example page...

With performance available, it can be really useful ;)
Relay / Bridge / Client only to route LAN...

People will be able to add their own results as we can see here about
RPi sdcards perf.

> There was massive threads about RPi on list below recently.
> Since Tor Project fails at admin and provide good true raw
> useful archives to import into your MUA, you have to fetch
> and concat the mailman poor autoredacted months manually :(
> But yes RPi info is there.
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/

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