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Tor network speed


I'm new to Tor technology and have a question which may have an obvious

After installing and configuring Tor with Privoxy, I set up FileZilla to
test if it would use the proxy (it did) but downloading a file from a
usually fast server was agonisingly slow.  As soon as I turn off the
proxy, the speed is what it should be.

For example, on a 10MBit connection, which was downloading a file from
my personal FTP server, it ran at 1MBit without Tor and 35k/sec with
Tor.  I fully expect a speed drop considering the way Tor works, but I
did not expect such a drastic speed drop.  Browsing web pages is also
very slow in comparison.

Is this 'normal'?  Is this the pay-off for privacy?  It almost seems
like too much to pay for the benefit, unless using AIM clients where
speed isn't necessarily needed!


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