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Re: Tor network speed

On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 08:33:17PM +0100, Andrew Henry wrote:
> For example, on a 10MBit connection, which was downloading a file from
> my personal FTP server, it ran at 1MBit without Tor and 35k/sec with
> Tor.  I fully expect a speed drop considering the way Tor works, but I
> did not expect such a drastic speed drop.  Browsing web pages is also
> very slow in comparison.
> Is this 'normal'?  Is this the pay-off for privacy?  It almost seems
> like too much to pay for the benefit, unless using AIM clients where
> speed isn't necessarily needed!

The basic requirement for running a server is to "have at least 20
kilobytes/s each way" and minimal packet loss, so everything above that
could be considered good. Tor isnt really meant for bittorrent or large
file transfers.
Web browsing is slowed down by Tor itself and then various applications
like Privoxy (filtering the website etc). 

If the speed issue to much to pay? Well, only you can answer that,
since it's about personal priorities.

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