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Re: Tor network speed


Is this 'normal'?  Is this the pay-off for privacy?  It almost seems
like too much to pay for the benefit, unless using AIM clients where
speed isn't necessarily needed!

I tested Tor on Windows and it looks OK, but... it would be great if Tor won't be in DOS window, but in a system tray and run as a process.

And also.. what if Tor will be combined with firewall. For me, one of the best firewalls on Windows is Personal Tiny Firewall (I am using very old free version).
PTF computes fingerprint for each application which uses internet connection. For instance: if you have Mozilla, PTF checks whether fingerprint (MD5 checksum) of firefox.exe is as it should be. If it is not (someone replaced "trusted" exe with trojan or if Firefox has been upgraded), user is prompted about that.

Now... what if Tor will have similar functionality, but user will be able to decide for every application if it uses Tor connection or not.

So.. your BitTorrent client will not use it, AIM will use it, etc. Not just on / off, but selectively on/off for each application (and when there will be new application, Tor will ask you what to do).

I do not support piracy, because piracy is also bad for open source and free software. But MPAA and RIAA actions could be used for increasing awareness of software like Tor.

Look at the moment to P2P software. You can use it for download, but you also have to upload something (you can disable this, but default setting is like that). It is inconvenient to just download and nothing upload (for example BitTorrent: when you finish, almost in a second someone starts downloading from you). If P2P clients will be designed only for downloading, they won't be successible. So this philosophy that if you want to download, you must also upload sometnihg, forced people to act "sympathetically" and not just egoistically.

This philosophy could be used also here. If you want to protect your privacy, let's protect privacy of others too. And this philosophy could be promoted as a response to antipiracy and especially censorship actions. If every P2P "leecher" will install Tor server, internet surveillance won't be possible on a great scale anymore.

And as seen in a KaZaA example, people are willing to install even spyware to get the benefits of P2P.

bye, Matej

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