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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia Bundle (Tor, Polipo & Vidalia)

On Thu, 6 Dec 2012 09:40:05 -0500
"David H. Lipman" <DLipman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I depended upon the Vidalia Bundle which provided Tor and Polipo with
> the Vidalia GUI.  I don't use "my own copy of Polipo" nor is it my
> intention to use it with with a Browser.

Sorry? Are you being deliberately obtuse? You can obtain Polipo for
yourself. I even gave you the URL for the author's site to save you a
Google search.

> I took advantage of the Tor & Polipo combination where Vidalia
> managed the connection and setup and ease of editing of configuration
> files.  Once I ran Vidalia I could use it with Malzilla
> http://malzilla.sourceforge.net/ (not Mozilla) or with a WGET command
> line such as...

Ah, I misread that as a play on words. I fail to see what difference it
makes though. You can still install Polipo and Tor separately and use
them together. I assume you must have you audited this âMalzillaâ to
ascertain that it's not actually a cunning piece of malware itself.

> WGET  proxy=--execute=http_proxy= 
> c8.uk3.in:5754/kx/uy.exe

As you type wget in caps, can I take it that you're running on Windows?
You were happy to download and install that Un*x tool but not Polipo?

> Or with any other software that can use a Proxy.  Something that is
> needed with GeoIP specific sites or sites that memorize and log IP
> addresses that have already accessed said site.  Getting a new IP was
> as easy as selecting "New Identity" in Vidalia.  Thus the trio worked
> symbiotically for the application requirement.

Supplying your own proxy won't stop that button from working. However
it's worth noting that it doesn't necessarily work as you think:
Pay attention to Roger's suggested âfixâ and remember that he ought to
know what he's talking about.

> There was no announcement of a change in tor.announce and it should
> NOT be assumed that we read https://blog.torproject.org/blog .  I am
> not the only one who uses (has used) the traditional Vidalia Bundle
> in the fashion I described.

So, to get this straight, you're angry because the free (as in
both speech and beer) software you use no longer bundles another piece
of free software, which you can very easily obtain directly but are
too lazy to do so. You think that's reason to make rude proclamations
in CAPS about what should NOT be assumed? If you think this is
something that the project ought to still be providing, why don't you
volunteer to maintain the bundle? I'm pretty certain that's a better
use of your energy than shouting at people and shows a lot more
gratitude for the significant amount of time, effort and money that
goes into providing you those free anonymous IPs.


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