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Why doesn't Tor support 4a?

Dear Roger,
Why does Tor support SOCKS 4 and 5 protocols but not 4a? Getting this implemented would surely eliminate the security risks and user-end headaches associated with using other applications to get around this problem.
Alternatively, if there's some reason why this has to be the case, has anyone thought of doing one of the following as a work-around?

A. Setting tor-resolv as the system's default name-server via some registry (win32), shell (unix) or stack-level hack?
B. Configuring BIND/named via it's own config files and/or iptables to resolve DNS names via tor on port 9050. If named is caching names in a secure way, you could speed resolving up a bit too perhaps.
C. If I'm wrong about all this, please feel free to just slap my ass and call me 'Sally' :D