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Re: Announce: amnesia Live system 0.4.2


Hannah Schroeter wrote (10 Feb 2010 15:33:48 GMT) :
> I don't see a *completely* automatic solution, and I didn't mean it
> either. I meant things like announcing them by mail (and ensuring
> that one doesn't need *too* frequent updates, as that would pose
> additional workload on seed operators, as well as additional
> download load to them, too).

A low-traffic mailing-list [1] has been setup to answer this need. 
(It is actually a rss2email gateway for the amnesia news RSS feed.)

Seeders, please consider subscribing to either this mailing-list or
the RSS / Atom feed, in order to avoid seeding outdated versions.

[1] https://boum.org/mailman/listinfo/amnesia-news

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