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Re: Announce: amnesia Live system 0.4.2


Hannah Schroeter wrote (12 Feb 2010 23:13:51 GMT) :
> However, my French is a bit lacking

Fixed, thanks for the report.

> and the certificate problem is still there (konqueror doesn't
> recognize it because of the cacert root certificate). (Curiously,
> firefox *does* recognize it.)

cacert's root CA can be imported into Konqueror.

The fingerprints of this CA and of our webhost's SSL certificate can
be compared from various locations, that are under different
authorities, such as:

- https://help.riseup.net/resources/europe/#boumorg
- https://www.autistici.org/boum/ca/
- https://aide.boum.org/FingerprintSSL/

> PS: Are the older powerpc versions still worthwhile to seed?

Well... AFAIK, they have never been tested on real hardware, I doubt
they actually work, and we have never received any kind of user
feedback about them. This is why no powerpc image was built for
amnesia 0.4.x.

Curiously (?), this is also why I am in favour of doing anything that
can help changing this state of things; including seeding these images
=> they are tested => we get bug reports and can fix them.

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