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Re: What can see a server of a Bittorent when I contact with it through Tor?

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 1:20 AM, grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't think there's much of anything wrong with using Tor for bittorrent
> provided:
> a) You do all operations in Tor... NO use of exit relays, in other words,
> entirely in onionspace. The smart reader will already know how to
> configure this :)

Well how exactly would you accomplish that? You could put the tracker
on a location hidden service, that eliminates one exit node, however,
to connect with other hosts in the swarm, you need to be able to
connect to them... which means now, you have to have every bittorrent
client in the swarm ALSO running a location hidden service, lest you
need exit nodes to contact them.

I highly doubt any bittorrent client yet supports operating in this
manner. It would be very cool to see... but... there would be some
hurdles. (should each node in the swarm publish a public rendezvos
descriptor? If not a custom client would be needed to set them up and
distribute them via the tracker rather than the public directories)

> b) You give back 6x the bandwidth you use in the form of a relay
> set up to provide that much bandwidth.

Kind of arbitrary but, seems like a reasonable guideline for anyone
who wants to be sure that they are giving back.

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