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Re: What can see a server of a Bittorent when I contact with it through Tor?

>  > a) You do all operations in Tor... NO use of exit relays, in other words,
>  > entirely in onionspace. The smart reader will already know how to
>  > configure this :)
>  Well how exactly would you accomplish that? You could put the tracker
>  on a location hidden service, that eliminates one exit node, however,
>  to connect with other hosts in the swarm, you need to be able to
>  connect to them... which means now, you have to have every bittorrent
>  client in the swarm ALSO running a location hidden service, lest you
>  need exit nodes to contact them.

Right, no exits needed or desired. So? And? That is not a problem as I
see it. People complain about mafiaa and all manner of things, so just
about using exits at all and bury all operations underground in tor, i2p,
phantom, anonet, etc. Economies of scale will happen eventually.

>  I highly doubt any bittorrent client yet supports operating in this
>  manner. It would be very cool to see... but... there would be some
>  hurdles. (should each node in the swarm publish a public rendezvos
>  descriptor? If not a custom client would be needed to set them up and
>  distribute them via the tracker rather than the public directories)

Bidirectional onion2onion works fine with middleware tools. No need
for torrent or other apps to be aware of, or manage, onion addressing,
or be aware of the Tor client daemon or otherwise. Run middleware, run
app, enjoy.

>  > b) You give back 6x the bandwidth you use in the form of a relay
>  > set up to provide that much bandwidth.
>  Kind of arbitrary but, seems like a reasonable guideline for anyone
>  who wants to be sure that they are giving back.

It is not arbitrary. If you send a meg from onion2onion it traverses
six hops. Same if you receive one from one. That is the minimum cost
of doing business on Tor, in the onion2onion case of course.

> The HiddenTracker is a bittorrent tracker put behind a Tor hidden service
> (but it seems to be down right now)

That is good start. There is another one online soon I think. Clients
can always ask a configured list of trackers plus those in the torrent,
so it doesn't matter.

> BitBlinder attempts to create a closed Tor-based network for bittorrent
> traffic, including a system attempting to assure equal sharing.

It may end up being ok. But never I understand why create a separate
Tor universe. Sure, if want to only do torrent. But that is may not usual
case and steals resources that could be better put to use making the one
single tor universe bigger. You have to run a relay with their system
so everybody may as just well run one within the single Tor universe.
I question registraton and possible future commercial motivations.
Given client's pki, registration should not be needed, just run the client
and use pubkey as self register/track/accounting somewhere.
And there will be major scale issues to solve, why not cooperate and
do that under Tor namebadge as well.
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