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Re: What can see a server of a Bittorent when I contact with it through Tor?

On 25 February 2010 12:50, grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> BitBlinder attempts to create a closed Tor-based network for bittorrent
> traffic, including a system attempting to assure equal sharing.

It may end up being ok. But never I understand why create a separate
Tor universe. Sure, if want to only do torrent. But that is may not usual
case and steals resources that could be better put to use making the one
single tor universe bigger. You have to run a relay with their system
so everybody may as just well run one within the single Tor universe.
I question registraton and possible future commercial motivations.
Given client's pki, registration should not be needed, just run the client
and use pubkey as self register/track/accounting somewhere.
And there will be major scale issues to solve, why not cooperate and
do that under Tor namebadge as well.

I think that the choice to use a separate tor network is based on two things:
-a desire to avoid overloading the existing tor infrastructure with BitTorrent traffic , and
-a pragmatic need to implement the bandwidth `coins' system to ensure equal sharing.

And on those notes, I think that there is value in using an independent network. Besides, it wouldn't be too difficult (but still not totally trivial) to after-the-fact switch the BB network onto the primary Tor network; it would be much more troublesome to take BB off the Tor network if it seemed to be problematic.