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Re: "cease and desist" from my vps provider...


2011/2/3 Eugen Leitl:
> On Thu, Feb 03, 2011 at 05:36:09PM +0100, Andrea Trentini wrote:
>> self suggestion: I asked hetzner if they accept a tor node, they
>> told me "yes, but you're responsible" (of course)
> Interesting. Hetzner is officially down on anything which causes
> them trouble (benji said so himself, repeatedly), so they're
> effectively accepting of a Tor middleman, but Tor exits are
> probably going to be pretty short-lived in Hetzner space.

Do you have any sources for this? I am running a Tor Exit vserver on
my root server there, get abuse complaints (sometimes a couple a day,
sometimes one a week), answer everytime to the complainer and to
hetzner that it's a Tor server and didn't have any problems yet. But
it's not running that long yet (~2 months).
I also asked hetzner support yesterday, they answered me that its
neither forbidden in their terms of services nor in their system
policies, and to their knowledge it doesn't conflict with german law,
so it's perfectly fine with them.

(german quote for german readers: "In den AGB und System Policies ist
in Sachen Tor nichts zu finden. Und soweit uns bekannt ist verstößt
TOR auch nicht gegen Deutsches Recht. Von daher sollte sich die Frage
eruebrigt haben.").

Best regards!
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