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Re: "cease and desist" from my vps provider...

On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 09:52:33AM +0100, morphium wrote:

> Do you have any sources for this? I am running a Tor Exit vserver on

In general, it's statements like 
and stuff in Hetzner forums, as well as personal experience
of running a Tor exit in Hetzner space.

> my root server there, get abuse complaints (sometimes a couple a day,
> sometimes one a week), answer everytime to the complainer and to
> hetzner that it's a Tor server and didn't have any problems yet. But
> it's not running that long yet (~2 months).
> I also asked hetzner support yesterday, they answered me that its
> neither forbidden in their terms of services nor in their system
> policies, and to their knowledge it doesn't conflict with german law,
> so it's perfectly fine with them.
> (german quote for german readers: "In den AGB und System Policies ist
> in Sachen Tor nichts zu finden. Und soweit uns bekannt ist verstößt
> TOR auch nicht gegen Deutsches Recht. Von daher sollte sich die Frage
> eruebrigt haben.").

Things have changed a lot, then, and for the better. Wait until you
got hit by DDoS or a couple, and then see whether Hetzner is still

Another major, personal nuisance is if you're in the wrong Bundesland, or
whether the criminal investigator is clueful, or actually Tor-hostile.

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