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Re: "cease and desist" from my vps provider...

On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 11:33:01AM +0100, morphium wrote:

> I just asked them, they told me they'll only block the affected IP,

Also interesting, in the two cases of DDoS I had my entire systems
cut off, and had to phone in to explain the situation and make the
network accessible.

Nullrouting is actually pretty common as a DDoS response.

> not the whole server. That is fine with me, as I'm running my Tor Exit
> node on a vServer only for that purpose.
> > Another major, personal nuisance is if you're in the wrong Bundesland, or
> > whether the criminal investigator is clueful, or actually Tor-hostile.
> I already had a raid due to my Exit Node... so, I'm not worried :)

Good luck, here's your cojones de latón award, and I hope you'll get your hardware back soon!

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