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Re: Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

On 2/15/2011 5:00 AM, morphium wrote:
2011/2/14 Julie C<julie@xxxxxxx>:
If this BadExit policy is being
made up ad-hoc, that's fine by me. If the offending Tor node operators want
to stand up and defend themselves, or their choices, that's fine too.
So, I as a Tor Node Operator now have to defend myself, because it's a
priviledge to run a Tor node, not a service to the community?

Guys, whats up with you?

I hate to continue a clearly dead-end argument, but have you ever volunteered, well, *anywhere*? If I were, say, volunteering to build houses for the homeless, and I started going off on my own, ignoring all guidelines, and hammering around wherever the fuck I wanted, I'd expect to either be asked what the hell I was doing (and allowed to continue given good reasoning), or be booted off the project. "I have my reasons for doing this, trust me" is not good enough. The same logic applies to nearly any volunteer or community service situation you could get yourself into. You wouldn't be allowed to re-arrange books at a library without explaining yourself, just as you shouldn't expect to run a broken- or malicious-looking Tor node without a heads-up to the community.

Running a node is indeed a community service; however, all community service requires some degree of responsibility. If you're really in a position where such a responsibility would endanger you (or you're simply defiant to the point of rebelling against responsibility when you're told it's expected of you), then yes, I expect you to be limited to the "safe zone" of being a middle node until you explain yourself or grow the hell up.

~Justin Aplin

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