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Re: [tor-talk] How to use Tor Browser without TBB Bundle?

> > I got it to work reliably under similar circumstances this way:
> >
> > ./App/Firefox/firefox -no-remote -profile ./Data/profile
> >
> > In circumstances where multiple Firefox profiles are in use,
> > specifying the particular profile used with TBB seems to work more
> > reliably.
> >
> Thanks Doc, this worked, it opened up a separate Aurora window...
> However, new problem - it's giving me a "proxy server is refusing
> connections" error. I already have Vidalia running... is that because
> I don't have Polipo?

IIRC you were using a transparent proxy, so Aurora shouldn't actually
know that the proxy exists. But because it comes from the TBB it is
trying to connect to Tor. So if you change the Aurora network settings
so that there is no proxy then all should be OK.

This should do the trick:

  Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Network/Connection/No Proxy

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