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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

On 21/02/12 22:33, Mr Dash Four wrote:

>> Because you wont be taken seriously by anyone otherwise.
> Eh?! Why do you think I care what you, or anybody, thinks? You and your 
> "low-key" friend are an irrelevance - I know what I saw when I accessed 
> those two sites earlier today and nothing will compel me to access them 
> ever again, or use them as my search engine tool of choice, no matter 
> how hard you may try to convince me otherwise!

The only thing that my low-key friends and I have been trying to do is
discover the cause of a problem you reported. I am genuinely interested
in seeing what caused it, to see if it can be fixed. I myself have only
just started using that search engine because Scroogle has gone offline.

>> I just went to torproject.org and it told me to disable Tor so they
>> could log my IP address and send it to the feds. Nobody "sane" would use
>> torproject.org anymore. I'm going to provide no evidence for this.
>> When you see how seriously you take the above claim, you'll see how
>> seriously I take yours.
> There is a small flaw in the above, however - the Tor Project is a 
> well-known entity with a rich history of protecting personal privacy and 
> security (a project I have made contributions to myself, I might add). 
> The absolute no-mark search-engine sites you are trying to push really 
> hard in this thread, however, are not - not even close! Only an imbecile 
> with no more than two brain cells would compare them two.

I notice you had difficulty identifying the point I was trying to make
in my analogy. I wont confuse you with any more of them.

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