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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

On 2/12/2013 12:47 PM, Moritz Bartl wrote:
On 12.02.2013 17:09, Jan Reister wrote:
Il 12/02/2013 10:42, Roman Mamedov ha scritto:
In the past I used http://www.autistici.org/en/services/mail.html
I recommend autistici.org if you are in Europe, it's based in Italy.
Reliable service with strong privacy mind, good italian/english
communication with users in case of outages and other issues.
I can also vouch for the guys at autistici. The server though is not in
Italy, but at XS4ALL in the Netherlands - which I think is good, Italy
isn't exactly the privacy friendliest place on earth...

I went & read a LOT on their site. One problem is, they say it may take 1 day or 10 to answer a support request. "They're all volunteers." That's fine. Except if the support issue is your acct is locked, not because of your actions, 10 days is a long time to wait.

I didn't see if they offer aliases (or disposable addresses). I assume not? I've never had an email acct get hacked (yet). Either lucky or because use strong PWs & nonsensical security answers (if used) that no one could guess or even friends would know. But, I've read a good way to increase security (as hackers ramp up their game) is w/ provider that offers alias addresses, open an acct w/ a "real" address.

Immediately, create an alias address (maybe a name you wanted, anyway) - that links to the real (main) address. Don't ever use the real address, so no one ever sees it. Would make it much harder to hack when no one has the *real address*, that's needed to login to the acct to make acct changes, or even request by phone to reset the PW.
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