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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

In all the multiplicity of good ideas here, here's a "A Tutorial on
Anonymous Email Accounts" from the Electronic Frontier Foundation -


and two, related, wiki subject pages at World University and School,
which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, with plans to be in all 7,413 +

Privacy -

Security -

Is there a way to check or prove that Tor / Vidalia / Firefox etc., is
actually working?


On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 11:08 AM, Mr Dash Four
<mr.dash.four@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> IMO, only stupid idiot doesn't use https with gmail.
>> That's why I think all talkings about gmail and beeing hacked is useless.
>> Let him set "Use always https" in the gmail settings, then log out, log
>> in, change password and secure q/answer and that's all.
>> This should be about Tor and Tor close stuff...
>> Game's over.
> Indeed! I also employ one additional measure, which, admittedly, may not be
> to everyone's taste - I have all my
> browser/system/email/everything-else-you-care-to-name root certificate store
> wiped out clean!
> If I have to access a specific (https) site or access a new email account
> (by using secure pop/starttls, secure smtp or secure imap) I tend to get the
> site's certificate well in advance via other means (not through tor,
> obviously) and store it manually on my system for use by these programs.
> That way, I know that if the "certificate unrecognised" error pops up there
> is either 1) a new site I have never accessed before (most likely); or 2)
> someone is trying to use spoof certificates.
> The latter doesn't occur very often, though I've had this on a number of
> (rare) occasions when a tor exit node for example (prior to being banned in
> my torrc file and banished forever) tries to pretend to be my email server
> and gets caught out with its pants down, quite literally... This measure
> also prevents the likes of hacked/rogue CA's out there leaking certificates
> to people/organisations who use them for various criminal/unsavoury
> purposes.
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