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Re: [tor-talk] TBB: Can not set back to Never remember history

On 2/5/2014 4:36 PM, David BalaÅic wrote:
On 5 February 2014 06:44, Joe Btfsplk <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2/4/2014 3:02 PM, David BalaÅic wrote:
I use TBB 3.5.1 (win32)
Trying to delete some specific cookies, in the preferences I selected
"Remember History" on the "Privacy" tabs, to gain access to the "Show
cookies" button.
Unexpectedly that required a restart of TBB.

As that wiped out all cookies anyway, I tired to set thing back as they
But if I select "Never remember history", after confirming it (click
OK), it changes to "Use custom settings for history". I tried several

In the TorButton extension security tab settings, are all 4 boxes checked?
By default, they're all checked.
It does say when you change the history setting in Options, that a restart
is necessary.  Are you restarting it when it prompts, after changing back to
Never Remember History?
The third one is not checked.

When I select "Never remember history", it does not prompt for restart.
If I restart manually, the setting is reverted to "Use custom settings
for history".

if I set the mentioned third option in TorButton Security prefs, then
set "Never remember history", restart (it does not prompt), the
TorButton Security change is preserved, but the History setting again
reverts to "Use custom settings for history".

You don't have any (non-default) extensions or plugins? Sometimes they mess w/ things.
Other than that one change, did you make any others?
Wondering if a file got corrupted?

One easy thing is just "reinstall" TBB. Erase old files & start fresh. If something got corrupted, it'll be replaced. Assuming you have a good d/l copy. I've changed those settings before & they don't refuse to go back. But, you may've found the newest "bug."
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