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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy prevents Thunderbird loading multi-OS bug: Is TorBirdy dev. dead?

On 2015-02-25 05:16, Griffin Boyce wrote:
Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
On 2/24/15, KevinB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <KevinB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This issue has been ongoing for months now.

I think I read Ioerror write he isn't interested in fixing the bug for Windows, but Sukhbir is willing (yet unable to even reproduce the bug).
This bug is NOT only for Windows, it's for many OSes.

Is TorBirdy going the way of Vidalida?

All of these bug reports seem to be the same issue?

#14099 (Windows 7 & FreeBSD)
#14130 (Xubuntu)
#14007 (Windows 7 & Ubuntu)
#13722 (LinuxMint)

TorBirdy development is not dead by any means - relevant updates will
be posted to the bugs as progress is made. I've personally not been
able to reproduce this bug - which is part of the issue with solving

  and #13982.

  Yeah, it's a huge problem - happened to a friend, and ultimately led
to me not redistributing TorBirdy.

  But solving this bug is not as straightforward as it seems, as Jake
points out.  Especially for Windows, it's not always easy to know what
else the user is running and where the conflict might be.  In my
friend's experience, it completely broke Thunderbird, and he had to
back up his emails and reinstall.  When that happens, it's not even
easy to figure out what version of Thunderbird they were running.

  Really curious as to the reason this bug happens, and how often,
because right now it seems like kind of a mystery.


That is why I wrote the original message. This bug is most definitely a blocker for many people. I imagine lots of users try to install TorBridy, find once they do Thunderbird no longer loads its GUI, so they freak out(!) (as most users aren't advanced, I imagine). Even if they manage to find the bug reports and learn to create a new profile, that's not a fix, and I bet less than 10% of new users will even find the bug reports (I think most will curse the Tor Project and had a very bad taste in their mouth).

I understand it's hard to fix Jake, but I think there should be more awareness about this huge issue. At least for new users that are hit with the bug and don't know how to get their email program to even load...

Right now there's very little awareness of the bug, and those that are hit with it are left with no recourse is they don't find the bug reports (so they learn to have to create a new profile to even get Thunderbird GUI to load).

Thanks Jake, for everything you're doing! I am not trying to 'dis' you, I am just trying to get wider awareness of this huge issue to try and get more help (I am not a programmer so I'm of little help). I love TorBirdy, but for a long time I've been unable to use it, because I really don't like having to create a new profile -- it's just to messy.

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