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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy prevents Thunderbird loading multi-OS bug: Is TorBirdy dev. dead?

On 2015-02-25 06:56, Sukhbir Singh wrote:
  and #13982.

Yeah, it's a huge problem - happened to a friend, and ultimately led to me
not redistributing TorBirdy.

But solving this bug is not as straightforward as it seems, as Jake points out. Especially for Windows, it's not always easy to know what else the user is running and where the conflict might be. In my friend's experience,
it completely broke Thunderbird, and he had to back up his emails and
reinstall. When that happens, it's not even easy to figure out what version
of Thunderbird they were running.

Really curious as to the reason this bug happens, and how often, because
right now it seems like kind of a mystery.

As we have pointed out in the tickets related to this issue, the reason
we have not released a fix is because we have not been able to reproduce
the bug, at least based on the information we have. Many users have
reported that they fixed this by creating a new profile and then
installing TorBirdy which leads me to believe that this may be related
to a conflict with some preference we are setting.

To all users who have this issue: try creating a new profile and see if
that works for you? If it does, please comment on the relevant tickets.
Bonus points if there is something on the error console that is worth
looking at (Ctrl+Shift+J).


I have posted in #14007, that using a new profile allows Thunderbird to load when TorBirdy is enabled (Windows 7). I was unaware of the error console feature; I will create another new profile and test as you requested, posting any relent info to #14007.

Could you list any and all steps you wish people to do to help you track down this issue? I'm more than willing to assist, but I need hand-holding to know how to assist.

Also, how about all those tickets get merged into one? It seems not helpful to have so many tickets for seemingly the same issue.


Thanks Sukhbir, for you efforts and caring! :)
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