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Re: [tor-talk] Tor browser error message

Have Kaspersky ( (g)) on my system. Have done as you suggest, however, no change.
Yesterday late night I could access few web pages via tor, but most pages return the same message (secure connection failed with the whole nine yards). Also have not made any changes to my config, nor am aware of any other updates of KIS software other that the daily databases.
What would I need to do to run tor browser directly without installing it on my PC? (Could be worth a try...?)


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> Have done both - no change.

There is a bunch of other people suddenly having a similar issue, too. I
wonder if any of you has some third party software installed (e.g.
antivirus/firewall software) that got an update and is now intefering
with your traffic.

If you have such a tool running, could you uninstall it for testing
purposes (disabling might not be enough) and report back whether that
fixes it for you?



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