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Re: Opening 2 Firefox profiles |was: Re: Tor and Thunderbird: Outgoing Email Unsafe?

It's easy.

Start your first instance of firefox as usual. Start the second one like this : "/path/to/firefox -ProfileManager" and create a new profile (call it TOR, or whatever). You'll need to reinstall plugins (eg: FoxyProxy, NoScript, etc) under that new profile, but the settings are separate from your "normal" one.

Then just set up a shortcut to involke the second instance using the -ProfileManager switch, and select the 2nd profile.

GeorgeDS wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 13:23, Michael Holstein wrote:
The reason I suggested seperate Firefox profiles is you can have the "anonymous" one and a "regular" one open at the same time, since routing everything through TOR makes your highspeed connection more like dialup (there's always a trade-off...).

If you could tell me how to do do this I'd really appreciate it. This may vary with OS. I've tried multiple times on Linux (CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise 3.4) and not succeeded. Once one or more Firefox windows are open, the -ProfileManager flag does not appear to be recognized, so I've been unable to find a way to get copies of Firefox using different profiles to open at the same time. It's a real nuisance to have to close a dozen tabs, to do a few things with Tor.


George Shaffer


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