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Re: Opening 2 Firefox profiles

I'm on Linux 2.6.17 (Ubuntu), and the -ProfileManager switch works fine for me, regardless of what windows are open.

Did you check the box "always ask which profile when starting firefox" the first time you created the 2nd profile?


George Shaffer wrote:
It may be easy on your system but not mine. I've read this works on
Windows. My experience is that it does not on Linux.

I've used -ProfileManager with firefox on the path, with the entire
explicit path to firefox, and switching to the firefox directory and
using ./firefox. I've tried this on Linux, CentOS 3.3 and 4.4, which
should be functionally identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.3 and
4.4. I've even cut and pasted -ProfileManager from the Firefox Help: How
To Manage Profiles page to assure I was spelling and capitalizing it
correctly. The 3.3 system is much older but fully patched. The
-Profilemanager switch has never worked once any Firefox window is open.
On the 3.3 system, I have three quite different profiles, including one
specific to Tor, that I can switch between, but I've never succeeded in
opening two Firefox windows using different profiles at the same time.

If there is anyone who has solved this problem on a similar **Linux**
system, I'd like to know how.

Thank you,

George Shaffer

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 08:51, Michael Holstein wrote:
It's easy.

Start your first instance of firefox as usual. Start the second one like this : "/path/to/firefox -ProfileManager" and create a new profile (call it TOR, or whatever). You'll need to reinstall plugins (eg: FoxyProxy, NoScript, etc) under that new profile, but the settings are separate from your "normal" one.

Then just set up a shortcut to involke the second instance using the -ProfileManager switch, and select the 2nd profile.

GeorgeDS wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 13:23, Michael Holstein wrote:
The reason I suggested seperate Firefox profiles is you can have the "anonymous" one and a "regular" one open at the same time, since routing everything through TOR makes your highspeed connection more like dialup (there's always a trade-off...).
If you could tell me how to do do this I'd really appreciate it. This
may vary with OS. I've tried multiple times on Linux (CentOS/Red Hat
Enterprise 3.4) and not succeeded. Once one or more Firefox windows are
open, the -ProfileManager flag does not appear to be recognized, so I've
been unable to find a way to get copies of Firefox using different
profiles to open at the same time. It's a real nuisance to have to close
a dozen tabs, to do a few things with Tor.


George Shaffer