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Re: Good reasons to use Tor etc.

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 08:11, xiando wrote:
> > This reads to me that you are implying that if you are not annoying,
> > abusing or threatening, you have no need to hide your identity.
> Your friend says something your government does not like, they drag him away, 
> you never see him again, nobody ever heard from him again, he's just gone.
> Perhaps you'd like to say something about your government killing your friend, 
> or torturing your family, or something worse, but you'd like to not be killed 
> or tortured for doing so. Eh?
> There really is little difference between todays NATO countries and yesterays 
> NAZI Germany, except that the technology is far more advanced and government 
> torture and murder kept even more quiet under todays fascist NATO-regimes. 
> And then there's China who's government is so arrogant that they - unlike 
> NATO countries - openly admit to torture and murder for speaking out against 
> their government.
> But hey, if you have no ability to think critically or question and believe 
> the Disney-land-like Hollywood-directed propaganda reality shown on 
> television then perhaps it's hard to understand why there are huge amounts of 
> good reasons to speak anonymously...

This response, like nearly every other one, conveniently ignored that I
mentioned "repressive governments (and other non-benign powerful
organizations)" and other reasons I cited for using Tor. Like most mail
lists, Usenet, and open Internet forums, people see something they don't
like or understand, ignore the context of the whole message and
preceding messages, and find a convenient excuse to launch a broad
attack against some other poster who supposedly lacks the "ability to
think critically."

To no avail, I tried to give good reasons for using Tor before I asked
my specific question, which was why Job did not want the recipient of
his Tor emails to have his IP, when he did not care about his ISP or
independent email provider having this, provided they could not link his
IP to the anonymous Tor messages.

The biggest irony in this thread, is the person whose motives I
questioned, was the only one who actually read and responded to what I
said. On reading his answer, I suggested that he consider GnuPG or PGP,
in lieu of or together with Tor, as a possibly better means of
accomplishing his specific purposes.

George Shaffer
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