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Re: Child pornography blocking again

Kraktus wrote:

Tor already has censorship hooks.  Tor nodes are already in
control of their own exit policies.  Certain ports are already
blocked by default.

This would simply provide Tor nodes with another tool to
control what leaves their nodes.  And if Tor nodes didn't want
to use it, they wouldn't have to.


I would assert a disagreement here, and indicate that "exitpolicy" is a *traffic* obstruction hook, not a censorship hook.

Key different: the ExitPolicy strictly works on the basis of the Layer3/Layer4 target address. Your proposed censorship hook seems to require a continually updated set of blocks on the basis of content. ExitPolicy can't tell an HTTP connection for wikipedia from an HTTP connection for a bit image. Please see a reasonable reference for "usenet death penalty" if this is in any way unclear.