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Re: [tor-talk] Gmail and Bitcoin? [OT]


Mike Hearn, in meanwhile could you please manually verify account names,
which can provide proof for spam free behavior under a pseudonym?

I hereby apply for a Google account (without any phone verification). This
pseudonym is dedicated to Whonix (http://whonix.sf.net/) development and
no spam has been send by me neither I do plan do japordize the reputation
of this pseudonym.

adrelanos at gmail dot com has been registered by me and would be my
preferred account name. Registration never completed due to request for
phone verification. (Recovery mail was set to this e-mail address
adrelanos at riseup dot net.)

As proof of identity I edited a Whonix wiki page
with my application for a Google account. Only project admins (and sf.net
admins) are allowed to modify such pages.

Intended purpose: uploading Whonix tutorial videos (html5) to youtube,
participating google code.

It would be great if you could manually whitelist my account.

> Feel free to CC me on such discussions, if you like. Google isn't
> against Tor.

I find it positive that Google has a human and monitors this list and has
a staff member to communicate.

> [...]

> As Mike Perry notes, targeted advertising doesn't actually know or
> care about your real identity. It just wants to know that user 1234 is
> more likely to click ad ABC than an DEF.

Unproven claim: Anonymous users buy much less stuff, because that risks
de-anonymizing them. Are they still attractive enough for Google?

When TBB finally gets by tab isolation (or similar, see #3455 and #3600),
Google won't be able to track users across tabs and websites. A user
logged into gmail or youtube can no longer be correlated on google or any
other website running google scripts. A user clicking on an advertisement
on google or youtube could be unlinked on the target page and thus Google
not getting a reward for hosting the advertisement. Will those users still
be interesting for Google?


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