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Re: Public gateways to .onion domains

numE wrote:
In fact it is quite easy to setup, but:
I don't think, that it would be a good idea to do that.

Of course it is possible to open a window if you have a huge lock on
your door,
but where would be the sense for the huge lock?

If I understand your point correctly, you're talking about security through obscurity.

I mean, anyone can have a look to the Tor network's contents if she setups her client to access it. So there's no difference between access through a Tor client or a plain HTTP gateway from a contents point-of-you.

The point here is the liability of the HTTP gateway's administrator when delivering unacceptable contents to plain HTTP clients, which seems to me no different from the liability risk undertaken by exit nodes' administrators when accessing an HTTP server outside the Tor network.