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german wiki

Hi Folks,

at http://www.securiwiki.de/ we offer a wiki based on mediawiki.

so far, we have nearly no content, but i hope, to find some
"experienced wiki-writers" willing to put some content into the securiwiki.

the securiwiki should concern with the following points:

- why cryptography & anonymity
- legal aspects using such technologies (german law)
- howto's (tor installation, configuration, .... / gpg installation,
configuration ... etc).
- everything else that fits to the topic "securi"wiki.

a friend of mine working at a advertising agency will do some artworks
for the wiki, but before he donates his time doing the design,
he wants to see some content ;-)

because this no (mainly) tor specific posting, we should perhaps not
discuss it
on the mailinglist... if you have questions, you may contact me directly
via email
or simply start writing something into the german securiwiki :-)

kind regards,