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Re: Public gateways to .onion domains

I'm integrating this into CECID (http://cecid.sf.net) - nothing
releasable yet, but I'm hoping to have something soonish.

On 07/07/05, Cristiano Paris <c.paris@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> numE wrote:
> > ...
> > In fact it is quite easy to setup, but:
> > I don't think, that it would be a good idea to do that.
> >
> > Of course it is possible to open a window if you have a huge lock on
> > your door,
> > but where would be the sense for the huge lock?
> If I understand your point correctly, you're talking about security
> through obscurity.
> I mean, anyone can have a look to the Tor network's contents if she
> setups her client to access it. So there's no difference between access
> through a Tor client or a plain HTTP gateway from a contents point-of-you.
> The point here is the liability of the HTTP gateway's administrator when
> delivering unacceptable contents to plain HTTP clients, which seems to
> me no different from the liability risk undertaken by exit nodes'
> administrators when accessing an HTTP server outside the Tor network.
> Cristiano

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