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Re: About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

Roy Lanek:

Either way, I don't see it as a relevant issue for this list...

No wonder, given your tautological proceeding/going ahead. But in case you
were serious in your asking, what about re-reading?

Most people - if not all - on this list cannot follow you. And if they kindly express that fact, you become unpolite. The problem ist not people's lack of understanding but your really confusing writing style. Please take this into consideration.

There might be something interesting hidden in your writings, but I don't have the time to decypher it. If you want to be understood, please work on your presentation style. If you don't care, please don't spoil the list.

(After the short time I'm on this list, I have the feeling that this is a freakshow. So, the probabilty that I'm a freak myself is quite high, right?)