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Re: A suggestion to TOR [a proxy server]


On 26.07.2010 04:39, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
>> In my experience with windows machines in computer labs, you are able 
>> to install firefox extensions without the permissions to
>> install programs.
> If people subject to policy restrictions really can't install
> "software" but can install extensions then an extension might be an
> excellent way of getting tor software to people... perhaps a stripped
> down end user proxy only distribution of Tor.

The main difference here is that most programs try to install to Program
Files, which requires administrative privileges for the benefit of
protection against later tampering. Firefox extensions (by default) end
up in the users home directory.

I am not sure if it actually does, but the Tor installer should be able
to install and run as user just fine, once you point it to a location
where you can actually write to.

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