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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012, at 18:29, Praedor Atrebates wrote:
> I haven't checked on crossplatform as I only do this in linux.  I am 
> currently playing with Virtualbox but have used VMware player (I DO know 
> that VMware player is available for windows too so you could run windows 
> or linux inside it - but getting a transparent proxy setup in a windows 
> VM is not in my toolbox.  It's fairly easy and part of the distro in
> linux.)
> I have more than enough CPU (it's an i7) and loads of RAM and HDD space 
> so I'm not concerned about that, certainly not for browsing.  I'm using 
> Damn Small Linux as my starting point in the VM - it only about 1GB in 
> size.  As for an emulator...actually I don't have experience beyond Wine 
> (not appropriate) and a little of Dosbox (also not appropriate).

Yes. That's quite a powerful machine. Wine, last time I have checked was
running a lot of software well. Some might say even better than windows.
Only that the Windows world has gotten more complicated with .net and so
on. DOSbox is a wonderful piece of software. But not very helpful with
Tor. Otherwise it gives the ability today to show that useful software
could have ran in less than 4Mb of RAM. For some bells and wistles, and
some networking, an app today needs 200+Mb and couting libs and VMs one
can get to over 1Gb. With proportionately more leaks and bugs. It used
to be _hey, this library has a bug and we'll work around it_ and today
is _not my fault, you should write to the people who write the library_.
Oh! Why wasn't DOS networked and multithreaded? Yesterday I have loaded
Linux Mint Live and wanted to check out a simple text editor with
markdown abilities: retext. For a basic editor there was a looong list
of dependencies. It needed python. Than some python libs. Oh! And Qt.
And Mint is a Gnome distro. Only downloading the darn thing would have
taken ages! WordPerfect for Dos could do quite a lot more in a fraction
of the size and requirements. But that's another story.
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