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Re: [tor-talk] Will Tor affect Internet Explorer? (newbie question)

On 07/14/2013 06:41 AM, Gabrielle DiFonzo wrote:
> I don't think I want to hook IE up to Tor. What I want to be able to
> do is open one, use it as usual, close it, then open the other. If I
> do that, what will happen? Is that even feasible?

Yes, it will work.

> For example, if I use Tor, then I can't run any site that uses some
> kind of plug-in. If I wanted to view I site that uses them, then my
> idea is that I would close Tor and use IE. What results would that
> yield? Do I have to disable plug-ins throughout my computer?

Using Tor (even TBB) in that way isn't secure. You might download
something via Tor, and it might "phone home" later, when you're not
using Tor. To be safe, boot your machine with the Tails LiveCD when you
want Tor, and don't save anything to disk. If you must save stuff,
encrypt it and use hidden service file sharing sites.

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