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Re: [tor-talk] GoldBug.sf.net: Encrypted Messenger

> I would be pretty surprised if the EFF were behind the press release
> you mention.  EFF press releases are always written in very good
> English, and that press release is not; nor is the website.  It seems
> very unlikely to me that the EFF would let a project like this go live
> without making sure the press release was idiomatic and grammatical.
> And as you note, it seems EXTREMELY unlikely that the EFF would be
> involved in a project like this without linking to it from their blog,
> website, or twitter account.
> (Finally, remember: don't run binaries from people you don't know.)

Agreed on all accounts and more.
First thought I had when I saw it was...
"Haha, Windows binary... spiffy webpage... *GoldBug*... really?
Sounds like the perfect Bitcoin stealing malware".
And someone's pushing, perhaps even targeting, these communities
with this? Oh my.

I'd given it some early leeway... colossal marketing mistakes and
rocky project starts do happen... but given use of their names in
the 'release' and its proliferation, I think EFF and CCC do need to
make a statement, probably not a good one, and soon.

Here are some other opinions, all bad...


And other as yet undeveloped references...


[my forward of course]
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