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Re: Password Authentication Required

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 05:37:51PM -0700, kyle.kwilliams@xxxxxxxxx wrote 3.0K bytes in 65 lines about:
: So is Vidalia setting the password to <random> every time it starts, or just
: the first time it starts?

If Vidalia is starting Tor, yes, vidalia sets a random password every

: If every time, then why would it prompt the user for the password when it
: already knows it?

Because if vidalia crashes, it doesn't know the password anymore.  Yet
tor is still running with a password set.  

: If first time, then why doesn't it read the password from the torrc or
: vidalia.conf file and use that?

If you haven't told it to do so, it will do as configured.  By default,
this is to choose a random password.

The user still has the option of configuring a password in vidalia.