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Re: [tor-talk] Plans about Askbot?

On 16.06.2013 21:33, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
>> It was decided that we have no resources to maintain our own Q&A, and
>> that having a third-party Q&A is better than none. I disagree, but
>> that's not the point.
> I'm not sure what you disagree with.
> That there are not enough resources?
> That it is better to have some Q&A than none?

I don't think Tor should endorse any proprietary, commercial platforms.
Especially when they force us into a specific mode of operation.

I would love to do user support more again, but I don't want to
participate in this. In my eyes, commercial services like SE are not
"better than nothing", they simply don't exist for me. I understand that
this is a somewhat radical view, but I've come a long way and this Q&A
discussion will not make me change.

I don't think Tor should endorse a service that pushes you towards
logging in with Facebook or Google accounts. I don't think Tor should
endorse services that don't manage to get SSL working properly across
their sites.

I don't think Tor should endorse a platform that pushes people towards
unified accounts across multiple sites. I understand that it is
beneficial to share reputation (which is btw one of the most important
areas of research), SE should at least make it possible to use different
nicknames across its sites.

I don't think Tor should endorse a platform that logs IPs. Logging
should always be minimal.

I don't think Tor should endorse a platform that we don't have an
automated backup of should it go away or we decide to move somewhere
else. There seems to be some limited manual export option, I have to
admit I did not look into it to closely. We also cannot migrate

I've contacted the author of Askbot some months ago to ask if he was
available for paid labor on Askbot. He is. We did not even try to
contact him again to ask if he was willing to volunteer for Tor, now
that it looks like there's no financial budget. We did not ask the
community if someone was willing to properly package Askbot and its
libraries. We did not reach out to ask if someone was willing to
maintain it for us. We did not collect issues that would need to be
fixed before we can use it.

> Call me naive, but the same people will answer the questions regardless
> of the service that is used.

At least for me, that is not the case. I will not participate on Stack

Moritz Bartl
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