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Re: [tor-talk] Until there's a REAL effing way to communicate, that evey1 can use, I'm DONE

Cat S:
> I don't want to re-hash _years_ old debates, please read the bug
> report links and other links I posted to old tor-talk threads. That
> will explain why I and many others feel there should be an official
> Tor forum.
> TL;DR: Newbs won't use mailing-lists; mailing-lists are a entry
> barrier to newbs getting help. TBB is geared for newbs, yet we don't
> try to help them in an efficient and meaningful way.
> And I never suggested the mailing-lists should go away, the problem
> is mailing-lists only help a small sub-set of TBB users, those that
> don't really need basic newbish help.

So you should lobby for an research paper which objectively compares
newbies trying to use mailing lists for help comparing to newbies trying
to use forum xyz. Perhaps such as study already exists?

Unfortunately, thats nowadays the only way to make up your point for
many topics. Debating won't work here, it has been already proven that
discussion doesn't convince the other side.

At the moment most techies just don't believe or can't imagine that
anyone has more difficulties using a mailing list compared to a forum.

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