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Re: [tor-talk] Identify requests made by the same user

> I've read the entire FAQ page! :)
> ...
> reasoning: in order to get the server response back to me, the encrypted
> packet Tor sends over the network, should contain and identifier of my Tor
> client. This way the .onion service can read the request, prepare a response
> and send it back to me. Just like a TCP packet that contains the sender's IP
> address (Tor's TCP packet will contain the IP of the last node on the
> tunnel, but at an higher level there should be my client ID).
> I'm speaking about a kind of "internal ip", some internal identifier in the
> ...
> I've read much technical documentation, but looks like this point is not
> properly described. I should read Tor's code, but I can't manage to do that.

At the level of the resultant TCP tunnel (at the application layer, through
an exit or to an onion) all real IP's are effectively anonymized. Tor uses
a mix of PKI, DH, EC, etc in extending its paths and so on. Your
question involves that, ie: does your client negotiate using some
identifiables from that with each endpoint... Take a look at tor-spec.txt
and path-spec.txt.
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