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Re: [tor-talk] Flash executables keep starting in background when using TBB

On 6/18/2014 1:03 AM, ÐÑÑÑÑ ÐÑÑÐÐÐÐ wrote:
Are you saying you have Flash processes running under Fx (not TBB)?
1) Did you use Flash player in Fx, that would have started them, or do you
not know what started them?
/It was started after visiting https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html
and clicking "Check Now"/
OK, but that's completely different than what I'm doing or have experienced. I guess... haven't been able to pin down exactly what causes the flash files to start. *Maybe if I could save a log* of which sites were visited w/ timestamps & compare that w/ starting times of the flash files, I would know which site I was on.

At the moment, I'm not sure if I have anything that'll log even IP addresses w/ time stamps.

When I TRY to catch it - go to sites w/ Flash. Only blank screens load saying, "Flash is not installed. Please download it so we may sniff your system." Then I've tried clicking or R clicking on the area where the player screen would be (but NOT on download Flash, nor on any play button - if one existed).
But I can't make the flash files start when I'm watching for them.

"/There are two instances firefox.exe in Process Explorer if you run ordinary firefox and tor-browser. One - Mozilla Firefox, second - Tor Firefox. Both named firefox.exe and differ in icons. First has descendants - plugin-container.exe and flash players, if you visit page with flash. Second - one descendant - tor.exe. Can be in this confusion? Maybe you confused these two processes and their respective descendants/?"
No, the 2 flash executables are definitely listed as descendants under the Tor Browser process. Process Explorer GUI / its tree & icons shown are crystal clear on that. In fact, a COUPLE of times when I was watching the 2 files, then at same time closed Tor Browser, the files immediately disappeared. Seemingly proof they were running as part of the Tor Browser (or Tor) process.

BTW, how do you pronounce your name? Or maybe there's no translation into human speech? Like Dolphins vocalizations can't be understood by humans? :D
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