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Re: [tor-talk] Digital IDs needed to end 'mob rule' online, says UK security minister Ben Wallace - Digital IDs should be brought in to end online anoymity that permits "mob rule" and lawlessness online, the securit

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 12:08 PM, Ben Tasker <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/online-digital-identification-mob-rule-online-security-minister-ben-wallace-a8390841.html

> As I see it, there are two complimentary ways to fight it
> Firstly, explain (again) why it's a stupid and flawed idea.

History shows that method always loses long term.

> Second, keep building and supporting systems that help protect privacy and
> anonymity online. That means running more tor relays as well as developing
> new privacy friendly services etc. Essentially, make sure there are
> alternatives that cannot be affected by whatever half-baked implementation
> they try to foist on us.

Tools themselves will not stop the continual foisting that always wins
long term.

Note this UK US scam has been spooling up for a wider G7 drop for a while now...

The subject problem is that government is now redundant to your own better
capabilities as human beings, now evolved and connected to the wealth of
instant global knowledge and comms. There's no longer a need for such a
central store of knowledge, action, and programming that, among other things,
says that murder and theft are good, since now you can go online and see
that it is plainly bad, and contribute to better together, directly.
The solution is thus to go further this time and finally discontinue
that old redundant system.

That connectedness is a "mob rule" they speak of... more properly a
"decentralized" mode, with voluntarist, anarchist, libertarian
flavors, coordinated
under realtime feedback for good... an unexpected result (to their geriatric
selves and their decades expired models and thinking) of the true power
of the Internet now arrived... a curiously interesting process taking shape
globally... a discussion.. an exploration of alternative models, of local
and self governance, an elimination of redundancy and inefficiency,
reclamation and redeployment of all things ceded.

So of course they want to "Digital ID" that, to censor it, balkanize, shape,
track, control, criminalize, and shut it down.... before they themselves are.

The fact that they've resorted to deploying worldwide surveillance,
the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse FUD and more, spinning
it out 24x365 nonstop now in survival mode, shows they know their
own end is coming.

Make, keep and use tools... "systems that help protect privacy and
anonymity online... develop new privacy friendly services etc"...
not just to hide and shield from the foisting, but to fix and learn
new thinking, thus ending it for good.

The math is simpler than crypto...
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