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Re: Ultimate solution

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    What if it was done in a way that educates and informs users, such
as how Bastille Linux works? Someone could probably easily create an
installer/GUI config program that teaches the user about network
security as he uses it. I'm no coder, but I understand a good feature
when I see it! This may be why I sometimes act as a buffer between
clients and the techies that can't easily relate to 'noobs'. What do
you like about this idea?


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On 03/23/2007 09:50 PM, Freemor wrote:
>   I've been watching this thread with some interest and just wanted to
> add my view to the discussion. I think there is a real danger in making
> TOR too easy. Yes, I do understand that Microsoft and others have
> created a world of people that want every program to function completely
> with 3 clicks. For some applications this is a laudable goal.
>   However, when one is dealing with a program that deals with security
> or anonymity I think it is important that people who intend to use the
> program take the time and effort to learn. They need to learn what it
> does, what it doesn't do, how it does it, how it is circumvented, how to
> check if it is working correctly, etc. One of the major reasons there is
> so much tracking of personal data on the web is most users lack of
> responsibility for their own privacy and security.
>   For these reasons, my concern is that making TOR a 3 click wonder will
> not only further propagate this "some one else will worry about my
> privacy/security for me" thinking and ultimately would lead people to a
> false sense of security because they wont properly understand the TOR
> network, and will blissfully find ways to make their computer leak more
> then a bucket with no bottom, all the while thinking "oh, it's fine,
> I've got TOR on, I can see the icon in the systray right there".
>   I feel that rather then head down the 3 click wonder path, it would be
> better to invest time in reminding users that we are talking about their
> security, or their anonymity, that as such it is their responsibility,
> and decidedly worth the time to learn as much as possible about the
> programs or systems they use to protect it.
>   I would hate to see the day when the TOR team has to waste countless
> hours and resources to battle complaints that "TOR failed to protect me
> when I <insert use that TOR was never intended for>".
> Just my thoughts on the subject
> Freemor
> P.s. to the tor Dev's -- Yes, I know TOR is not a security application.
> That just snuck in there as I deal with computer security regularly and
> often see the same "the computer/internet/isp/mysterious someone" should
> take care of that for me mentality.  
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