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Re: Re[2]: Ultimate solution

To be able to create a kick arse anonymity software we have to face

Fact is:

1) there are evil exit nodes(this won't change, no matter what)
2) there are tons of noob(this won't change, no matter what)
3) there are to few routers/exits for the clients(this bad ratio won't
change no matter how fast the network grows)
4) even if the people will change the habits of not sending sensitive
message through not encrypting exit nodes there will be new tor users
who will


Let the users surf the tor net instead of the www(encrypted messages ->
don't care about evil exits as they can not inject anything bad) as much
as possible.
To keep tor users on the tor net there must be a huge number of
websites. A huge number of websites can only be achieved by having an
integrated secure and preconfigured web server. Grandma will never learn
how to set up a webserver but she knows how to use a Wysiwyg editor to
create html pages to tell people about her life under dictatorship for

How can the ratio of router/clients be improved? Every client must
become a router. There is no other way. There must be a simple button
"Yes, I want to be  an exit." or "No, I don't want to be an exit". I
know this will take many, many hours of coding and I am not criticizing
but wishful thinking won't get this great project anywhere. Yes, there
are many nice people that run servers but the network will soon suffer a
heart attack as the number of clients grows much faster than the number
of routers.

Here is some really great idea. How about some function in Tor into
which users can enter their .onion bookmarks along with a description!
99.9% of the Tor users have no idea that there are hidden services. No
Tor user I ever met knew about the hidden wiki and all its links.

Right now the only entry point to the Tor net is the link on the tor
site. If every user could enter links of his friends or sites that he
knows about into his tor client(which is searchable by other tor
clients) then this would help make the Tor net known big time! Similar
to freenet where a start page opens. Also if the clients could keep
track of when a tor site was last reachable then that would rock!
Similar to emule where the software knows when a file was last seen
complete. No need to have link section on .onion sites and update the

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