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Re[4]: Ultimate solution

> How can the ratio of router/clients be improved? Every client must
> become a router. There is no other way. There must be a simple button
> "Yes, I want to be  an exit." or "No, I don't want to be an exit". I
> know this will take many, many hours of coding and I am not criticizing
> but wishful thinking won't get this great project anywhere. Yes, there
> are many nice people that run servers but the network will soon suffer a
> heart attack as the number of clients grows much faster than the number
> of routers.

I could add this function to Torpark, if:
1) A lot of people want it
2) TOR project implements directory distribution that can use these
temporary middleman and exit nodes as a positive, rather than
depending on long-lived nodes.

> Here is some really great idea. How about some function in Tor into
> which users can enter their .onion bookmarks along with a description!
> 99.9% of the Tor users have no idea that there are hidden services. No
> Tor user I ever met knew about the hidden wiki and all its links.

You can do this with Torpark right now. You can reach .onion addresses
right from the address bar. If people would like to compile a list of
services, I could publish that list as browser bookmarks in the next
release of Torpark.