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Re: Re[4]: Ultimate solution

I wasn't saying that anonymity is a binary but the user's behavior.
Either he is doing the best possible thing to be anonymous or he isn't!
See what I wrote! If he isn't then we don't care about the reason. He
forgot, sloppiness, etc
Why not help him and force him to do the best possible thing to be

Understand now what I am trying to say?

> Security is NOT binary, it is a process, and it is a gradient. We only
> desire the illusion of it being binary. There is compromise in every
> design, take tor for example using 128bit crypto because it is pretty
> secure and fast enough to encrypt on the fly. I'm sure there are
> people that wish it was doing 512bit elliptic curve or some other
> thing out there.
> However,  it  is  possible we could come up with some secure-only mode
> which   locks  out  most  features,  virtually  all  the  plugins  and
> functionality, and puts the user in a rigid framework in order to give
> a  little  more  security  and  a stronger impression of anonymity. Of
> course,  this  makes  it a significantly unpleasant experience and one
> might as well use lynx at that point.
> Regards,
> Arrakis
> >> As I said it is possible, but when you treat the user like a child it
> >> is going to be an issue to get them to keep using it.
> > Why? Surfing anonymously is a binary. Either 1) everything is set
> > perfectly to be secure and anonymous or 2) it is not.
> > There are two types of Tor users. Tor literate and Tor illiterate users.
> > The thing that both have in common is that they could accidentally
> > enable scripting or forget to turn in off. Both types would be greatful
> > for a mechanism that would force them to turn things off and not allow
> > them to use Tor otherwise.
> > After all they can choose to use Tor or not. Be anonymous or not be
> > anonymous. There is nothing third "state". Nobody would feel "being
> > treated as a child".
> > -- 
> >   JT
> >   toruser@xxxxxxxxxxx

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