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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials blah blah bleh blah

Travis Bean wrote:
The developer(s) behind TorBrowserBundle are not the authority on
computer security. They may think installing vanilla Firefox with
Privoxy and Tor is not sufficient, but this is not a valid point. Linux
computer users find TorBrowserBundle to be unwieldy and completely
insufficient for meeting their needs regarding easy installation and
configuration of a secure communications system.

True, it does require two commands to start the Tor Browser in Linux:

cd tor-browser_en-US/

That's clearly way too many for Linux users, who are well-known to avoid both the terminal and software customization. Thankfully the Tor Browser works for most users without needing additional configuration. And there's a discussion ongoing about making a .desktop file that will allow users to simply double-click it to launch [1]. I think that will get Linux users pretty far, but given how mainstream and usable Linux distributions tend to be, Tor may need to do more to reach out and integrate better with the free software community [2]. I'd recommend having a solid showing at FOSDEM, LibrePlanet, DebConf, or possibly even the Chaos Communications Congress. And maybe the developer(s) could utilize reproducible builds[3]. Of course the *real* win would be automatically seeking out updates via the tor network so that users are better protected from emerging threats. Maybe someday [4].

sarcastically yours,

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/13375
[2] http://freehaven.net/anonbib/
[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pAen7beYNc
[4] Or last year. Whichever.

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â Dr. Seuss
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